Samuel Rodriquez President of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Answers Leadership Questions.

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, president of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, is a bold voice in the Christian community. Recognized by CNN as “the leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement,” and identified by the Wall Street Journal as one of America’s seven most influential Hispanic leaders, Rev. Rodriguez is not one to back down from his calling and task. In his many roles and responsibilities, Rev. Rodriguez is considered spokesperson for the 16 million Hispanic American born again Christians. We corresponded with Rev. Rodriguez to gain inspiration and learn from his vision for leadership.

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How to Be a Tyrant

Have you ever experienced a church or organization where you’re led by a bully? Your leader is like the overgrown kid at the playground who derives glee from shoving around smaller kids. He’s the leader, and he’s in control. He’s mean. He’s tough. I wish I were just painting a caricature, or indulging in a bit of overstatement, but I’m not. There are such leaders — even Christian leaders and pastors. This is the pastor who controls his church with an iron fist, and declares, “Well, if you don’t like my church, you can just leave!” They are tyrants.

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Questions for Leaders: Sam Allen


No Other Name is a Dove Award-nominated vocal group. Comprised of brother and sister Sam and Laura Allen, and Chad Smith, the trio is recognized for their powerful message, their commitment to the Great Commission, and their focus on exalting Jesus. They minister at churches in the United States, and regularly go on overseas missions trips. We recently got together with Sam Allen and asked him a few questions about his ministry and leadership.

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Real Leaders Are Accessible

We are in an age of  hero worship. We think that bigger is better. Real leaders are larger than life. The “successful pastor” is one whose congregation has crested 3,000, whose book has edged into the top seller list on Amazon, and whose blog is cruising along with 425,919 subscribers. This leader has thousands of Twitter followers, and is about to make a Facebook fan page for himself. He is getting invited to speak at conferences, and he even wears designer jeans with graphic Ts. This leader has truly arrived. What does he lack?

Possibly, he lacks accessibility.

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Four Essential Qualities of an Effective Christian Leader

What does it take to become an effective Christian leader? What are those essential skills and traits for improving your effectiveness in your church or organization? You’ve probably heard it before: develop confidence, live with integrity, ra-ra, bla bla. Those qualities are important of course, but what does it actually mean? What do you do? There are no easy three-step solutions. However, there are a simple changes that you can take in your daily life that will dramatically improve your power as a leader.

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Secrets of Effective Leaders: Leaders Are Listeners

As leaders, we are expected to lead. Which means we talk. A lot. Pastors do this. Even when they’re not preaching, they’re preaching. Personal conversations, counseling sessions, and even family devotions can easily morph into Sunday-style sermonizing. Speaking to others or preaching, as necessary and life-changing as it is, can actually be the a leader’s weakness, especially if it’s done to the neglect of active, intentional, and careful listening.

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Thirty-three Reasons Why People Stopped Coming to Your Church

Why in the world do people stop coming to your church? Seriously, with all the work, and time, and effort that you put into the ministry, why would somebody up and leave? Here are twenty-five common reasons why people might stop coming to your church.

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Ten Dangers Facing Christianity

The church is at war. Even though we aren’t digging bomb shelters, rationing supplies, or stocking ammunition, the war is raging. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we are part of this battle. It is a spiritual battle, and far more serious than any kind of nuclear combat or world war. There are ten major fronts to this battle, and we must be aware of these dangers so we can better participate in the battle and the advance of Christianity.
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Christian Book Review – The Longview – Roger Parrott, PhD

The LongView - Roger Parrott, Phd Book Review

In today’s world, where everything is about short-term goals, instant gratification, and immediate results, our church leaders, pastors, and CEOs often retire before their prime, because they simply cannot cope with the constant pressure of having to perform and to show quarterly results. Many times, incredible leaders are burdened by an increase in attainable goals to meet a short-term deadline. In the process, they exhaust themselves, their staff, and wreak havoc on their families. It is time to rethink this “leadership myth” that emphasizes immediate results over longevity.

Leadership books come and go, each one bringing with it a vast array of lessons learned and circumstances avoided. The Longview, by Roger Parrot, PhD, was a refreshing read, differing slightly from the cookie cutter church leadership lesson guides. Parrott who became one of America’s youngest college presidents, currently presides over Bellhaven College, a leading evangelical college in the arts, and provides advice and leadership models for a variety of international ministries.

An easy and comfortable read, Parrot takes the reader through various accounts, lessons, and tips to implement strong, focus-based leadership models that accentuate the importance of a long-term vision. He shows the reader how to restructure their view, their goals, and their vision to align with an eternal perspective that has a higher value and lifespan. He guides the reader through numerous lessons on accountability, staffing, transparency, and, most important of all, credibility. How these matters align is of utmost importance in building a ministry that will last a lifetime.

If you are caught in the rat race of church growth, then do yourself a favor and get a copy of The Longview. It will give you incredible insight to lead with assurance and strength, and to stand on good decisions. Even if in the short-run, those decisions have no impact.


Christian Book Review: What’s Your Secret? Aaron Stern

Aaron Stern is a former pastor at theMILL, the college ministry of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and founder of the LEAD Network, a nationwide resource that trains you adult pastors. Aaron Stern penned a new book entitled What Is Your Secret? Freedom Through Confession. This resource is a valuable tool, not only for pastors and youth pastors, but for every person who lives with a depreciated Kingdom-value of God’s worth and their role in it. A quick read, Stern’s book focuses on the various models within which secrets are birthed, retained, and the eventual havoc it creates. Along with his findings, he has produced a few outlines on how to best eliminate a life of secrecy, and to find freedom in confession, transparency, and a guilt-free walk in Christ.

Stern talks about various aspects of confession — when to confess, what to confess, how to confess, as well as fundamental truths regarding with whom to share your confession. As a young adult pastor, Stern retains incredible insight into the lives of our youth, dealing with numerous heart-wrenching stories of brokenness, abuse, and lies. In all, these fractured hearts are cared for, set free, and ultimately understand the value of living a grace-filled live.

You may remember that New Life Church was shaken with the sexual immorality of one of its previous leaders, Ted Haggard. Though it’s easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater, this heart-wrenching lesson gave Stern much insight in the dangers of living with a secret. He and others experienced firsthand the lifelong damage a life of falsity brings.



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