Nine Tips for Worship Leaders

In thousands of churches all across the world, worship leaders take center stage on Sunday morning. From the orchestra-conducting arm-waving song leaders, to the skinny-jean wearing, Christian tattoo-emblazoned guitarists, worship leaders take a variety of forms. The purpose is the same — to lead in worship. Here is some thoughtful advice for worship leaders.

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Five Signs of Complacency

Let’s get one thing straight. Complacency is a killer. That smug sense of satisfaction, the settled sense of security with the status quo — this complacency — is a really bad deal. A.W. Tozer said, “Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth.” He’s right. How do you know that this killer has crept into your ministry?

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Four Reasons Why You’re Not Doing Greater Things for God

You’ve probably heard the quote by William Carey, “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” Are Christians really doing “great things” though? Are we actually attempting massive undertakings and big kingdom efforts? It seems not. Many Christians are living the risk-free, safety-zone life, bunker-mentality life — refusing to reach out in courage and boldness do greater things. Why?

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Leading by Being out in Front

Leaders are called to be out in front. One mark of a true leader is that he or she accepts this fact. There are some would-be leaders who crave being out in front for the attention that they will receive. That’s not leadership. That’s pride. True leaders understand that being out in front is a scary, vulnerable, and difficult place. Nonetheless, being out in front is the only way to really lead. There are four realities that you’ll face as a leader out in front.
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Leadership Lessons to Live By: How to Destroy Your Distractions

Distractions can kill you. Ever heard of texting and driving? In the broader realm of life and leadership, distractions can also be fatal. Distractions produce death by degrees, slowly consuming your vocation, biting away at your calling, and destroying your effectiveness.

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Dodd Caldwell President of Rice Bowls Answers Questions

We spoke with Dodd Caldwell, the president of Rice Bowls, an innovative mission that helps to feed orphaned children around the world. Dodd knows what it means to lead an organization with integrity, and to mobilize change in the world today. We put some tough leadership questions to Dodd, and profited from his authentic and instructive feedback.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Lower Your Expectations


Too often, leaders hold high expectations — both for themselves and for those around them. Expectations that are set too high often lead to disappointment and frustration. This kind of friction is never healthy for an organization or for the leader. Sometimes, leaders need to lower their expectations.

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How to Handle Failure: What to Do When You Encounter Failure

Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” If you’re human, you’ve encountered failure. If you’re normal, you probably fail on a regular basis. Failure on any scale is endemic to humanity. Sin has corrupted us. We are weak. We are fallible. When we fail the most important thing we can do is respond in the correct way.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Four Qualities You Need to Lead through the Tough Times

Here’s a fact of life:  Tough times will come. Deal with it. “BUT HOW?!” you ask. Good question. If you have any spiritual insight and appreciation, you’ve probably already come up with the right answers. Prayer. Grace. Dependence upon God. Trust. Faith. Courage. Boldness. Etc. These are the exact answers that you should give, because that’s what the Bible teaches. As a leader, you should combine these theological realities with commonsense leadership qualities. Here are four simple qualities to cultivate in order to make it through the hard times.

Lessons in Prayer: How Daily Prayers Can Change Your Life

Someone once said that there are at least two ways to make a group of Christians feel guilty. Talk about witnessing or talk about prayer. Say hello to the guilt trip. Christians often feel as if they aren’t doing enough of either, if they’re even doing them at all. This article is not intended as a guilt trip. However, since the Bible talks about prayer (a lot), there are a few things that should be said about it — things that most of the prayer books, pastors, and conference speakers don’t talk about.

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