Interview with Rick Warren

In an interview with Rick Warren, the veteran pastor and leader provides some gems of wisdom for those in church ministry and leadership. Warren discusses issues such as longevity in leadership, and the importance of knowing your people and culture.

This video interview has been provided by Justin Blaney, founder of I4J. I4J is an ongoing series of films and interviews. They share innovations on life and leadership to build stronger and wiser Christians for Jesus’s glory.

How to Manage Your Time Like an “Effective” Pastor

Time management is one of the major keys to success. Everyone has the same amount of time, so the use of that time determines how a person will grow, develop, and potentially change the world. Time management is especially important for pastors, whose many and varied responsibilities can consume a lot of time. A recent study (2010) on how pastors use their time reveals some interesting trends.

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What Is Your Identity?

What is your identity? Who are you? When it comes right down to it, what makes you who you are? This is more than just an empty philosophical query. This is a substantial life question. The answer to the “who am I” question is the basis of how you live your life. The problem is that many people — even Christians — begin to see their identity wrapped up in something that is completely wrong.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: The Five Laws of Communication

As leaders — yes, even as human beings — we communicate every day. Often, our communication is done verbally. We communicate via email, text, and social media. We communicate in our blogs. We communicate constantly, and usually without thinking about how we’re coming across. Here are five laws that can help to improve your communication.

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Listen to the Story of Your Community

All Christians are missionaries, as long as we’re obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Viewing ourselves as missionaries helps us as we look at the world around us. Like missionaries, we must understand our context, our communities, the people among whom we live. We must listen to the story of our community.

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The Aggravating Sin of Apathy

Apathy is probably a universal Christian experience, and it is stunting the growth of millions. Apathy is aggravating, because you sometimes see it in yourself and loathe it. However, you feel powerless to do anything precisely because you are apathetic. What is this condition of spiritual apathy, and how do we handle it?

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Christian Phrases to Use With Caution

We as Christians have built up a collection of pet phrases and familiar jargon. Some of this Christianspeak is okay. Some of these Christian phrases, however, either lack meaning or have questionable meaning. Here are a few Christian phrases to use with caution.

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Is God Really Among Us? A Bold Declaration of God’s Omnipresence

Omnipresence is a big word — almost daunting, actually. It brings to mind ponderous catechisms or dusty systematic theology textbooks. In spite of its off-putting, twelve-letter appearance, omnipresence is an attribute of God that we should cherish. Omnipresence — God’s being everywhere present at the same time — is to be boldly declared, and confidently believed.

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Five Summer Activities that Will Enhance Your Ministry

During the summer, everything changes. Your schedule changes, the routine of activities change, and the weather changes. Your ministry changes, too. Often, we reach the end of the summer thinking, “How did it go by so quickly? What did I accomplish?” Although you can do the following five activities at anytime during the year, engaging in them during the summer months will help you to take back your summer and enhance your ministry for the long term.
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Family Feud or Family Unity? How Should a Family Act?

Many Christians refer to the people in their church as the “church family.” We call fellow Christians “brothers and sisters.” But do we as Christians really live like a family — a loving family, minus the bickering, feuding, and conflict? Here are six ways in which we might better better live out the loving family reality that Scripture describes.

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