Leadership Lessons to Live By: Embrace Your Weakness

The prototypical leader is strong, self-confident, resilient, and brave. The truly successful leader possesses assets such as a strong personality, bold decision-making, and intrepid vision. Virtually no leadership manual or guru would encourage weakness. That’s why leadership advice that  tells you to “embrace your weakness” sounds weird. What’s up with that?

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God Is Bigger than You Think

If you’ve ever been to Disney World with kids, you’ve probably experienced the ride, “It’s a Small World.” Sitting in a boat-like car, you travel on a river through a fantastic display of characters singing over and over (and over again), “It’s a small world after all.” In some ways, the song has got it right. With the advance of travel, technology, and communication, the world seems smaller. But in other ways, we’re only still discovering how vast this world is. And more significantly, we’re discovering how big our God is. To put it bluntly, God is bigger than you think.

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Creating Authentic Faith Communities In Home and Church

The following is a guest post by Daniel Darling, Christian author and pastor.

One of the most destructive myths in our families and our churches is the false idea that we, mere sinful fallen humans, can by our own effort manufacture disciples of Jesus. We see this idea refuted clearly articulated at the very beginning of John’s gospel, where the aging Apostle writes that spiritual life comes, “not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor the will of man, but of God” (John 1:13).

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: The Five Spheres of Leadership

Five Spheres of Leadership

Who are you leading? If you are truly a leader, there are obviously people who are following you. The most apparent answer is, “My church staff” or “my employees” or the people who populate your organization. The real answer, however, is a little bit more nuanced. As leaders, we must be keenly aware of the people we are leading if we are to do a good job. There are actually five spheres of leadership, and we as leaders must be adept in each sphere.

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Stop the Abuse! Recognizing and Preventing Abuse in the Church

Every two minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. Two out of three times,  the crime is committed by a friend or family member. 44% of the victims are under age 18. Over 6 million American children were claimed as victims of child abuse last year. One in four women faces physical abuse from her partner. Even though these are just statistics, these numbers indicate an abhorrent level of life-destroying sin.

The tragedy is, the church is sometimes part of the problem.

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Living in the Now

Christians are a high-risk group for a life malady. It is a malady that can kill our joy, compromise our labor, and cripple our testimony in the world. It is the malady of living in the future, and not engaging with the now.

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When to Get Nasty about Politics

Is it okay to get nasty about politics?

Politics get dirty, and this campaign season is probably going to be as bad as it’s ever been. The editor of Time magazine predicts that the 2012 presidential campaign ”is likely to be the most expensive political campaign in U.S. history — and perhaps the most negative.” As things get costlier, nastier, and dirtier how should Christians respond? Amidst the frenzy of furious pundits, talk show rants, and negative campaign ads, it’s easy to get caught up in the melee. Should Christians get nasty about politics?

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Answer the Seeker’s Questions

Over the past generation of church marketing, there’s been plenty of ink spilled over “seeker-sensitive” churches. Whether the movement and its outcomes have been good or bad is not the point of this article. Rather than deal with the seeker-sensitive church, this article deals with the seeker — the individual with questions — and how we should respond.

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How Not to Rant When You Preach

When was the last time you ranted? If you’re a preacher, it may have been recently. Preachers, unforutnately, have a tendency to launch into rants. There are plenty of topics to rant about. Unfortunately, ranting during your sermons is dangerous. When you rant, you lose your authority, feed people’s flesh, cater to your pride, and direct people to a false source of wisdom. When it comes to preaching, ranting is dangerous. Here’s how to avoid it.

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When Satan Tempts Me to Despair: From Anguish to Exultation

There is a stanza in the song “Before the Throne of God” that begins like this, “When Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within…” The song rings true in the experience of many believers. We are tempted to despair, and many times this crushing reality completely darkens our life, causing incredible personal anguish in our own life and in the lives of our loved ones. How do we deal with the pain of despair?

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