Jesus Was Not A Christian. Why You Need to Read King of The Jews, by D. Thomas Lancaster

D. Thomas Lancaster’s new book, The King of the Jews:  Resurrecting the Jewish Jesus, is a phenomenal resource that will greatly deepen your knowledge of the Word. If you have a desire to know Jesus like you have never known Him before—understanding His background, history, customs and culture—then reading this book will be a rich blessing to you and your family.

My wife and I served in a humanitarian ministry in Jerusalem, Israel for over three years. During that time, my Bible transitioned from a book of history and theology to a book of life. My head knowledge became knowledge of the heart, and for the first time in my life, I understood the Scriptures. Why? Because I walked where Jesus walked. I stood where He preached. I better understood His customs, background, viewpoints, and I could see accurate evidence of the matters of His day. Seminary could not do that for me, and neither could my English translation of the Bible. It was the day when I finally had the training to interpret Hebrew and Greek scripture and unlock the fullness of the story behind the text that the true Savior came to life.

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Are You A Racist? Why You Should Read Bloodlines: Race, Cross and The Christian, by John Piper

Racism is not over and done with in America. Although Brown vs. Board of Education is long past, although Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation is in all the history books, and although the 18th amendment was ratified in 1870, this nation still has pockets of fierce, staunch, and hateful racism.

And, as Christians should know, racism is a sin.

Because racism is alive and well in this country (not to mention the world as a whole), it is vital that Christians recognize racism, understand its roots and causes, and respond with a gospel-centered approach.

John Piper, a self-confessed former racist, recently released a book called Bloodlines:  Race, Cross, and the Christian  (Crossway, 2011). This is a book review of Bloodlines:  Race, Cross, and the Christian by John Piper. It was the gospel that rescued Piper from racism. The book serves to chronicle Piper’s journey from racism to redemption, and to explain how the gospel defeats racism.

Although there are many features of the book that make it a must-read, I will highlight just two points here:

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