Jesus Was Not A Christian. Why You Need to Read King of The Jews, by D. Thomas Lancaster

D. Thomas Lancaster’s new book, The King of the Jews:  Resurrecting the Jewish Jesus, is a phenomenal resource that will greatly deepen your knowledge of the Word. If you have a desire to know Jesus like you have never known Him before—understanding His background, history, customs and culture—then reading this book will be a rich blessing to you and your family.

My wife and I served in a humanitarian ministry in Jerusalem, Israel for over three years. During that time, my Bible transitioned from a book of history and theology to a book of life. My head knowledge became knowledge of the heart, and for the first time in my life, I understood the Scriptures. Why? Because I walked where Jesus walked. I stood where He preached. I better understood His customs, background, viewpoints, and I could see accurate evidence of the matters of His day. Seminary could not do that for me, and neither could my English translation of the Bible. It was the day when I finally had the training to interpret Hebrew and Greek scripture and unlock the fullness of the story behind the text that the true Savior came to life.

Not all of us have the privilege of traveling to Jerusalem. If you have been there, then you will know exactly what I mean. If you have not had this privilege, then there are many things that you can do to enrich your scriptural knowledge.

I think it is pivotal for any believer to have a thorough, in depth understanding of the history of the Bible. You don’t need Hebrew or Greek to do that. You do, however, need to make an effort to use all the amazing technology and resources available on the Internet to understand the background behind every book of the Bible. You need to understand why Jesus said what He said, and acted in the way He did.

If your view of Christianity and the Bible includes any of the following, then the King of the Jews by D. Thomas Lancaster will open your eyes.

  • The KJV Bible is the the original Bible for Christians.
  • Jesus was a Christian and started the Christian religion.
  • Jesus spoke mostly in riddles that no one could understand.
  • The Jews crucified Jesus.
  • God took His covenant away from the Jews and remade it with the Gentiles.
  • The first church had a Sunday school, cry room for babies, youth group, etc.
  • The Old Testament is old and has been replaced by the New Testament.

I don’t blame you. Most of these are views I held myself, and strongly defended. That was until the day that I understood the real Jesus:  Yeshua, the liberating King and true Redeemer.

Let’s get one thing straight. I am a Gentile believer. I live under His law of grace by faith alone, but I understand that Jesus was raised in a Jewish home with Jewish traditions and background. Many of the things that Jesus did and said were customs of the day. I understand that He spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, and read from the same Torah scrolls as His Jewish counterparts did.

When I love someone, I will take the time to know them. In fact, I will do whatever is necessary to understand them, their background, their mindset and their vision, in order to form an accurate understanding of that person. That is what I decided to do regarding my Savior. He is more than just Jesus, born in Bethlehem, crucified on Golgotha, who died and rose and one day will come again to take me to heaven.

I invite you on this journey. Pray and spend time to learn as much as you can about our Messiah, His customs, history and background.

Buy The King Of The Jews – Resurrecting The Jewish Jesus.

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