Crossleadership Interviews Tim Challies on Technology, Blogging, Relevance and Staying Grounded in the Word.

Tim Challies is synonymous with blogging. With a record of non-stop blogging for the last 2, 960 days, Tim has been at the forefront of reformed evangelical circles, inspiring and educating believers to pursue a life of a focused relationship with Jesus Christ. Tim is the Author of multiple books such as, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment and his most recent work, The Next Story: Life And Faith After The Digital Explosion. Tim also pioneered the highly popular Christian book review site, The Discerning Reader. In this interview with Crossleadership Tim Challies talks about Technology, its influence on the church as well as staying grounded in a social platform with a readership of hundreds of thousands of believers. Visit Tim Challies or The Discerning Reader for a closer look at his ministry.

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