Creating Calm in the Chaos of Life

For many leaders, all of life often feels like a 100m dash in the middle of a tornado. But the dash never ends. It’s constant exertion. It’s chaos. It’s exhausting. It’s dangerous. Life is harrowing because of its busyness and its constant high-pressure responsibility. If you’re like most normal human beings, you long for more calm in your chaotic life.

How do we escape? How do we wrest our life from the ravages of the pressure? How do we create calm in the chaos of life? There are two fundamental realizations that we must experience.

1.  You’re broken. You are not in control.

It’s only by admitting our insufficiency that the quest for calm can begin (Psalm 8:4). If we think that we are the masters of our own fate, our souls will constantly be unsettled. If we are really so powerful and in control — a common delusion of leaders — then we think that we can do something about the chaos.

But that’s a mistake. Of course, there are some practical things we can do, such as take time off, exercise, get enough sleep, and slow down. But the fundamental problem persists — we think we’re in control.

Here’s the calm-inducing truth:  we’re not.

Okay, so now what?

2. God is power. He rules over everything.

It’s easy to throw around the expression, “God’s in control” without letting the truth of the phrase burrow deep within one’s mind and heart. The phrase becomes Christianese for “Yep, weather looks nice today.” It’s time we take that phrase and bury ourselves within its universe-encompassing truth. God. Is. In. Control. Of everything. The whole thing. All of it. All power (Psalm 115:3).

The truth that God is in control is, at first blush, too big to wrap our minds around. After all, the greatest amount of control that a mere human can exert in an insignificant twitch when compared to God’s infinite power. The word “infinite” itself bends the reaches of our mind. When coupled with the word “power,” we lack the imagination to make sense of it all.

This is the God who rules our destiny. This is the God who said a word, and <POOF!> a universe appeared. This is the God who can, at once, see the stretch of time and order events in accordance with his perfect wisdom.

This is the God who can create calm in the chaos of life.

Where is the calm?

Calm is not necessarily a quiet phone, an empty inbox, and the absence of activity. We all need those times, and it is our responsibility to occasionally shut things down, relax, and reflect. True inner calm is conducting life with God as the obvious leader.

A long time ago, King David longed for the same thing — for calm. The Psalms overflow with poetry in which he poured out his yearning for refuge and peace. Time and again, he comes face to face with God who is his refuge (E.g., Psalm 7:1; Psalm 16:1; Psalm 31:1). Our calm comes when we find our refuge in God.

You cannot create your own calm. You are not the Lord of the wind and the sea. But you are redeemed. You are forgiven. You are a child of the King. You can find your refuge in the most high — a place where His power creates the calm in the midst of the chaos.

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