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  • You would like to obtain permission to republish, rebroadcast, or reprint content on Crossleadership.
  • You would like to advertise on Crossleadership.
  • You would like to have Hein van Wyk be a speaker at your next event.
  • You would like to become a guest host/blogger on Crossleadership.
  • Your nonprofit ministry has done groundbreaking work in an area of interest to our readers. Please be sure that you include as much detailed info about you, your ministry, and what they have done. This will enable us to make a decision to proceed with an interview or not.

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PLEASE NOTE: Crossleadership is not a platform to promote your latest book, website, or product. We will refrain from publishing content and interviews if the sole mandate is for publicity and/or promotion. We exist to provide churches and individual believers with valuable insight into the various matters facing Christianity. We want to keep our content unique, and ensure that every interview has an eternal impact.

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