Christian Book Review: What’s Your Secret? Aaron Stern

Aaron Stern is a former pastor at theMILL, the college ministry of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and founder of the LEAD Network, a nationwide resource that trains you adult pastors. Aaron Stern penned a new book entitled What Is Your Secret? Freedom Through Confession. This resource is a valuable tool, not only for pastors and youth pastors, but for every person who lives with a depreciated Kingdom-value of God’s worth and their role in it. A quick read, Stern’s book focuses on the various models within which secrets are birthed, retained, and the eventual havoc it creates. Along with his findings, he has produced a few outlines on how to best eliminate a life of secrecy, and to find freedom in confession, transparency, and a guilt-free walk in Christ.

Stern talks about various aspects of confession — when to confess, what to confess, how to confess, as well as fundamental truths regarding with whom to share your confession. As a young adult pastor, Stern retains incredible insight into the lives of our youth, dealing with numerous heart-wrenching stories of brokenness, abuse, and lies. In all, these fractured hearts are cared for, set free, and ultimately understand the value of living a grace-filled live.

You may remember that New Life Church was shaken with the sexual immorality of one of its previous leaders, Ted Haggard. Though it’s easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater, this heart-wrenching lesson gave Stern much insight in the dangers of living with a secret. He and others experienced firsthand the lifelong damage a life of falsity brings.



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