The LongView - Roger Parrott, Phd Book Review

Christian Book Review – The Longview – Roger Parrott, PhD

In today’s world, where everything is about short-term goals, instant gratification, and immediate results, our church leaders, pastors, and CEOs often retire before their prime, because they simply cannot cope with the constant pressure of having to perform and to show quarterly results. Many times, incredible leaders are burdened by an increase in attainable goals to meet a short-term deadline. In the process, they exhaust themselves, their staff, and wreak havoc on their families. It is time to rethink this “leadership myth” that emphasizes immediate¬†results¬†over¬†longevity.

Leadership books come and go, each one bringing with it a vast array of lessons learned and circumstances avoided. The Longview, by Roger Parrot, PhD, was a refreshing read, differing slightly from the cookie cutter church leadership lesson guides. Parrott who became one of America’s youngest college presidents, currently presides over Bellhaven College, a leading evangelical college in the arts, and provides advice and leadership models for a variety of international ministries.

An easy and comfortable read, Parrot takes the reader through various accounts, lessons, and tips to implement strong, focus-based leadership models that accentuate the importance of a long-term vision. He shows the reader how to restructure their view, their goals, and their vision to align with an eternal perspective that has a higher value and lifespan. He guides the reader through numerous lessons on accountability, staffing, transparency, and, most important of all, credibility. How these matters align is of utmost importance in building a ministry that will last a lifetime.

If you are caught in the rat race of church growth, then do yourself a favor and get a copy of The Longview. It will give you incredible insight to lead with assurance and strength, and to stand on good decisions. Even if in the short-run, those decisions have no impact.


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