Leadership Lessons to Live By: How to Become Mentored

Leaders are grown by other leaders. Good leaders learn from other good leaders. The way to be a better leader is to be a mentor. If you are called to be a leader, you have not been called to go it alone. It is essential to seek out a mentor who will help cultivate you as you fulfill God’s calling upon your life. Part of being a leader is learning how to become mentored.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Mistakes Are Okay. Hiding Isn’t.

If you’re a leader, you’re going to blow it sometimes. Just expect it. Chances are, you’ve probably already blown it a few times. It doesn’t really matter how big it was, what it was, or who caused it, mistakes happen. It’s human. It’s reality. So how do you handle mistakes as a leader?

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Embrace Your Weakness

The prototypical leader is strong, self-confident, resilient, and brave. The truly successful leader possesses assets such as a strong personality, bold decision-making, and intrepid vision. Virtually no leadership manual or guru would encourage weakness. That’s why leadership advice that  tells you to “embrace your weakness” sounds weird. What’s up with that?

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: The Five Spheres of Leadership

Five Spheres of Leadership

Who are you leading? If you are truly a leader, there are obviously people who are following you. The most apparent answer is, “My church staff” or “my employees” or the people who populate your organization. The real answer, however, is a little bit more nuanced. As leaders, we must be keenly aware of the people we are leading if we are to do a good job. There are actually five spheres of leadership, and we as leaders must be adept in each sphere.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: The Five Laws of Communication

As leaders — yes, even as human beings — we communicate every day. Often, our communication is done verbally. We communicate via email, text, and social media. We communicate in our blogs. We communicate constantly, and usually without thinking about how we’re coming across. Here are five laws that can help to improve your communication.

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Leadership Lessons to Live by: The Battle with Inconsistency

“Inconsistency is the only thing in which men are consistent,” wrote the English poet Horace Smith. It’s true; inconsistency is a pervasive problem. When Christian leaders are inconsistent our leadership is less effective. Inconsistency is an Achilles heel for many leaders, and can even compromise an entire organization. For Christians, the charges of inconsistency are especially crucial, because they reflect upon our faith and upon God.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Who, Me? A Leader? What to Do When You’re Supposed to Lead

You’ve heard this line from Shakespeare:  “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Is the same thing true in leadership? It seems so. Some people are natural-born leaders, and other people are forced into the leadership situations. But what happens when you don’t feel like you have the gifts for leadership, yet find yourself needing to lead? Here’s what to do when you’re supposed to lead.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Lower Your Expectations


Too often, leaders hold high expectations — both for themselves and for those around them. Expectations that are set too high often lead to disappointment and frustration. This kind of friction is never healthy for an organization or for the leader. Sometimes, leaders need to lower their expectations.

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Leadership Lessons to Live By: Four Qualities You Need to Lead through the Tough Times

Here’s a fact of life:  Tough times will come. Deal with it. “BUT HOW?!” you ask. Good question. If you have any spiritual insight and appreciation, you’ve probably already come up with the right answers. Prayer. Grace. Dependence upon God. Trust. Faith. Courage. Boldness. Etc. These are the exact answers that you should give, because that’s what the Bible teaches. As a leader, you should combine these theological realities with commonsense leadership qualities. Here are four simple qualities to cultivate in order to make it through the hard times.

Leadership Lessons to Live By: The Limitations of Leadership

Way too often, leaders think they’re superheroes. NEWS FLASH:  Leaders are not superheroes! Superheroes wear capes, appear in comic books, and have movies made about them. Some superheroes can even turn into muscular green monsters. Leaders are human beings who plod, who serve, why cry, and who get really discouraged sometimes. Most don’t own a cape. If you’ve ever been prone to succumb to the Superhero Complex, this article is for you.

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